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Venezia's Pizzeria, Gilbert Location offers a Vegan Menu


"I just moved to the Mesa area and was super excited to find out that Venezias is so close! I am a fan of pizza in general, but this place really knocks it out of the park. The crust is phenomenal and the toppings are fresh. They have lots of coupons available and that is how I get the best deals, so make sure you look online and in the mail. Recommendations: - Vegetarian Style (Mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives and tomatoes.) - Margherita pizza (Mozzarella, fresh basil and sauce.)   - Pepperoni and Olive (Good old stand-by! Their pepperoni's rock!) If you are looking for a lighter side: - Garden Salad & Antipasto Salad are my two fav's. Must order sides: - Garlic Bread with cheese (Sometimes I just get this and a side garden salad, YUM!) **FYI: There is a 10" Gluten Free option as well which is awesome!** " Angela N.

Arizona’s Best Gluten-Free Menu - Voted by Arizona Foothills Magazine


Delivery for many is a  that we take seriously, contact us today we'll answer any question!


Morning Star Farms

Morning Star Farms Vegan ToppingsA meat-free alternative, MorningStar Farms Italian Sausage Style Crumbles are expertly seasoned with a bold, rich sausage flavor that pairs perfectly with Venezia’s famous pizza. The crumbles are 100% vegan, made with non-GMO soy, provide a good source of lean protein and are low fat and cholesterol free. Additional charges apply for this topping.

Over 40 years of spreading plant-based love through everyday food for everyday folks. No futuristic franken-food or all-or-nothing activism. Just uncompromisingly delicious vegetarian and plant protein takes on America’s favorite foods, for every appetite and every part of the day. That’s why we continually produce some of America’s most-loved and most eaten plant-based foods. Burgers to bacon, pulled pork to corn dogs, vegetarian to vegan; MorningStar Farms is plant-based goodness made for everyone.

Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Heart Pizzeria Blend gives the perfect combination of vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free mozzarella and parmesan cheese. You'll be sure to taste a little bit of Italy with each bite! When ordering your pizza, just ask for vegan cheese! We'll swap it out at no charge!


Gluten-free Menu
Providing an award-winning gluten-free menu is serious business here at Venezia’s. Someone once said, “variety is the spice of life,” and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we keep expanding our gluten-free menu to include more than just delicious pizza. We also have low-carb pizza bowls, salads and salad dressings, and even gluten-free wraps! Many of our gluten-free items are made fresh in-store every day. Some of our gluten-free menu items are made in a separate, gluten-free area of our kitchen, while other of our naturally gluten-free menu items are prepared in our general food preparation area. While we take extra precaution to keep all of these items gluten-free, there is still allergen in our kitchen. Check out all of our gluten-free menu items below, then get your (gluten-free) “grub” on!

Gluten-free Pizzas
Our award-winning gluten-free pizza is sure to “wow!” We source our crust from Venice Bakery, which provides us with a terrific, seasoned pizza crust. Enjoy our 10-inch gluten-free pizza with your choice of homemade pizza or pesto sauce, topped off with up to four of your favorite fresh toppings (toppings are $1.25 each). This pizza is gluten-free and dairy-free, and is prepared in a separate, gluten-free food preparation area. While we take extra precaution to keep our pizza gluten-free, there is still allergen in our kitchen.

Cauliflower Crust Pizzas
Our seasoned 10" cauliflower crust pizza is low on carbs, but full of delicious flavor! Just because you want to be carb-conscious does not mean you can't enjoy some pizza, right? Create your own with any of our pizza toppings!

One Customer says, “I have always liked this place from the 1st time I’ve ordered but now that they have a cauliflower pizza option it’s even better. As having sampled many of the different cauliflower crusts, as a low carb option, I can say that this one is the best.”
Another customer says, “Ordered my first cauliflower crust pizza. Was delicious!! Crust was crispy, didn’t miss the regular crust at all. Loved it! Recently gluten free. What a treat.”

Zero Crust Pizzas Bowls
Do you crave pizza but want to be carb-conscious? Then try a Zero Crust Pizza Bowl®. It’s all of the good stuff pizza is made of, without the dough! In fact, our pizza bowls contain about 75% less carbs than a two-slice meal.
To view the nutritional facts for our specialty bowls.
Choose from our selection of specialty and custom bowls.
There is so much more!

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People Love Venezia's and So Should You

Whether they’re an Arizona native, or are from New York but now live here, Venezia’s fans come from all over for our pizza. Some even drive for 20 minutes to over an hour to satisfy their cravings! We appreciate all the positive feedback and support we’ve gotten over the years from our pizza fans. Come visit us at one of our five valley locations and get a taste for what we’re all about.

Our Recipe For Delicious Gluten-Free Food?

At Venezia’s, we believe eating a gluten-free diet shouldn’t mean you don’t have great-tasting options. That’s why we continue to add more items to our (already amazing) gluten-free menu: to help our gluten-free guests have more options for enjoying our homemade Italian food. If you’re looking for something but don’t see it on the menu, just let us know and we’ll do our best to get it for you, pronto!

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